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About Me

First, what makes me good at what I do?

Ninja-level writing skills and a bottomless curiosity

for human psychology and what sells.

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Why am I the way that I am?

My origin story: I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and started learning Spanish at 12. My dream was to be a translator with a penthouse apartment in another know, like every little girl! 


At 18, I made that dream come true - minus the penthouse and the job - and moved to Ecuador. There, I was formally trained as a translator and linguist and spent nearly 8 years living my life in Spanish. I also picked up a dog, a cat, and a life partner, and moved back to the US in 2010.  

At the same time, I started Ingrid Holm Translation. Over the past 9 years, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and businesses bring their vision to the US market. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased sales and profits. 


I get giddy just thinking about the impact my clients have had on the world because my translations amplified their message!  

These days, I live in Houston, TX - so, compared to Minnesota, let’s just call it another country. I’m still working on the penthouse. 


I love what I do and I’m easily excited by what others do, too. That makes it easy for me to only work with clients that truly light me up.  

I believe we all have something unique to offer the world, and the world needs us to share our gifts. Let me be the loudspeaker that helps your message reach further than ever before.

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